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Mission Statement

Pure Energy Fitness Studio by Vicky Legate

Mission Statement

Our mission as a private and group training studio is to improve the quality of people’s lives through better body awareness.

Core Values

We believe body awareness is an education process. Knowledge is power. By acknowledging your strengths and weaknesses we can assist you in making simple alterations that will change the way you think, move, and feel – not just during your workout, but at home, work, and play; enabling you to live your life to its fullest.


An Advisory Board with fitness and health professionals will communicate together as a team to strengthen the weak links and improve the quality of your movement and lifestyle.

Customized Personal Training

We believe in putting the ‘personal’ back into personal training. Your program will be unique to fit your needs. Your lifestyle, physical fitness level, personal goals, and muscular imbalances will be taken into account while designing a program that will be safe, fun, manageable, and deliver effective results. Your schedule and budget will be considered while developing a one on one or group training routine to fit your needs.

Home Away from Home

Just as you would expect at home, your surroundings will be clean and inviting. Heated floors in our studio and complimentary toiletries will be provided for your convenience. Our 1750 square foot studio with 12 foot ceilings and large windows hosts 2 workout rooms, a massage therapist, top-of-the-line equipment, and ample free parking.


We offer a simple sign up process for group classes online. Try a complimentary class if you are new to Pure Energy, and then sign up for a package that includes the class or classes that fit your needs.

Customized Classes: We will customize a class for a small group of people. So if you and a few friends, team mates, or co-workers have a specific time and type of class that you would like to request, contact us, and we will customize a class to fit your schedule and budget.