“When I think of Vicky, three words come to mind; knowledge, creative and rhomboids.  When I first started working with her three years ago, she wanted to understand what my current fitness level was and what my goals were.  She takes the time to understand personal strengths and goals to create a workout that is not generic or cookie cutter.   I am an avid runner and my passion is for mud obstacles races.  Vicky and I have great conversations around my goals and with her knowledge she creates weekly training sessions to challenge me to meet and exceed them.  Second: She is creative!  No two workouts are the same; she is always envisioning different challenges! I love the challenges!  Whether we are outside making use of picnic tables, trees and hills or inside training with weights, trx, bosu balls she is always looking for new ways to ensure a complete training session. Thirdly rhomboids, you may ask why? Think of when you are planning routines for yourself, do you think, I am going to work those rhomboids today? I know, I did not think of these muscles, and when you are learning it is easy to focus just on the obvious muscles.  Vicky with her knowledge and creativity ensures that no area goes unnoticed.   The first time she had me lying on my stomach with arms raised and for a vision, pretending to fly like a Pterodactyl and not saying but maybe cawing like one too! I was working these muscles!  I still laugh every time she takes me flying!  I love my weekly training sessions with Vicky and look forward to what future challenges she will create to kick my butt!”

Sherry, Age- 42