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Lydia Siebenga

I went to my very first yoga class in my first year of University (2014) and instantly fell in love with the practice. I was unsure of what to do after high school and took a business degree program because it was a ‘good foundation’ for basically anything – but quickly decided I wanted to become a yoga teacher some day. After four years of University I moved home to save up for my YTT and in October 2018 I set off to Bali, Indonesia to complete my training (and travel of course)! This trip was my DREAM COME TRUE! Zuna Yoga was the school I attended, the school is Yoga Alliance Certified and I completed my 200 hour certification. It was a 21 day intensive training – and let me tell you it was INTENSIVE – but in the best way. It challenged every part of my body, mind, and soul.  They sent me back to Canada with the best tools in my tool belt to share my love of yoga.

My goal as a yoga teacher is simply to teach you how to relax. My classes are carefully designed to utilize the breath and movement together to maximize the benefits of not only our practice and meditation, but life altogether. Be aware. Be present. Be free. Everyday.