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Being “fit ” is not a destination – It’s a way of life

Barre- Fitt: This class stems from a fusion of pilates, yoga and muscle conditioning. It will utilize the ballet barre, light resistance, and body weight exercises to increase total body strength with minimal stress on joints.

Barre Cardio: This class will challenge your strength as well as your cardio at the barre and on the floor

“Inspiring people to live happier, healthier lives, one class at a time.”

Snow Shoeing: Embrace winter with this invigorating and fun overall body workout. An amazing cardiovascular workout that includes body sculpting exercises to challenge legs, arms and core. This class is seasonal.

Yoga: Try a yoga class to improve your body and mind. The benefits are many, including better body tone, reduced stress, improved posture, and increased flexibility. Yoga is for everybody and every “body”. To say you are not flexible enough to begin is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath. Let us help you get started and pick the class that is best for you.

Stand Tall: This class will be offered upon request as a workshop. An osteopathic manual therapist will teach basic Eldoa exercises. When practised regularly they will help to strengthen the spine, improve posture, decrease pain and prevent degenerative disc pain. Email us for dates and more info.

Early Bird: This 50 min. class will challenge your cardio, core and strength using your body weight and a variety of fitness props to energize you for the day. Every Morning is a new challenge!

Posture Perfect: Want to look 10 years younger- improve your posture? This class will include exercises that will strengthen and stretch the muscles that help you achieve and maintain good posture.  Exercises to improve your balance and strengthen your core will also be featured in this class, and a thorough stretching component will leave you feeling aligned and lengthened.

Bone-Fit: This class will provide effective and appropriate exercises for individuals with low bone mass and uncomplicated osteoporosis.  This class format is approved by the osteoporosis society of Canada, and we are now certified to teach Bone-fit.

Group Training: This class will challenge every muscle in your body as well as your cardiovascular system. Functional exercises using body bars, dumbbells, balls, bosus, and a variety of other fitness tools will challenge your core and muscular skeletal system. It’s like personal training with a few friends!

Long and Lean: This workout will dynamically strengthen and lengthen your body;  challenging the muscles in the lengthened position, resulting in a long, lean and toned shape. Your body will  be challenged in a standing position as well as from the floor.

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